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DELOT token contract address
● BSC: 0x3e24BBb2c9a0f2fAEcFDBDCa20BBa6F35b73C4CB
(It is fully ERC20 compliant with no fee/tax on transactions)
● Polygon: 0x86A298581388bc199e61BFeCDcA8eA22Cf6C0Da3

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The Liquidity is locked for 1 year

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Problems & Solutions


Traditional lotteries are restrained by multiple factors that are slowing their progress down by discouraging potential participants. Since they are centralized, there is virtually no control and transparency on what the lottery provider does. There have been reports of fraudulent behavior by the provider such as unpaid winnings, manipulation of the RNG (random number generation) mechanisms, which, as a result, undermines the trust and discourages potential gamblers or betters to participate in them.

Another disadvantage that is particularly relevant to national lotteries is their outdated offline format that requires you to buy a ticket the old-fashioned way. What is more, these national lotteries offer limited prize pools since they are restricted only to the country they are conducted in.



DELOT has the better mechanism: the more token you hold the more ticket you get, so you are beneficial by increasing the chance to win lottery round just by holding, you do not need to deposit more (spend more tokens to get more tickets). Especially, the more ticket you have, the more chance to win the grand prize.

Unlike a traditional lottery where players must continuously buy tickets for every drawing, DELOT focuses on simplicity - just acquire the token, hold, and you will automatically be entered into the next lottery rounds thanks to Auto Pool feature.



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  • Fully Decentralized
  • Fully Automatic System by using
    the Chainlink Automation
  • Easy to join
  • Incentive for token holders
  • Auto Pool feature
  • Provably fair and verifiable source of randomness - Chainlink VRF is used in winner selection algorithm
  • Chance to cooperate with other projects to expand our community
  • Be responsible with the community


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The Liquidity is locked for 1 year


Presale: 40%

Liquidity: 21.2%

Fees: 1.23%

Team: 8%. TGE 0%, cliff for 3 months, then linear vesting for 2 years.

Marketing: 2%. TGE 0%, cliff for 1 month, then linear vesting for 6 months.

Airdrop: 1%. TGE 0%, cliff for 1 month, then linear vesting for 3 months.

Reward (Staking, Farming, Lottery Pool): 26.56%. TGE 0%, cliff for 1 month, then linear vesting for 2 years.



See the full description here

Q4 2021
Lottery game: idea, product design, architect, smart contract, and DApp development.
Q1 2022
Lottery game: bug fixes and improvements.
Launch Website.
Launch BETA version of Lottery game.
Audit DELOT token.
Token sale.
Marketing phase #1. PancakeSwap Listing.
Q2 2022
Launch Lottery game on BSC Mainnet.
Listing on CEX.
Listing on CMC, CG.
Marketing phase #2.
Q3 2022
Yield Farming.
Issue DELOT token on Polygon.
Q4 2022
Develop Lottery game version 2 with NFT.
Q1 2023
Launch Lottery game version 2 with NFT on Binance Smart Chain.
NFT sale.
Live Now
Q2 2023
New roadmap


Team is KYC verified by Solidproof.io



DELOT is ENMT token, as there is no malicious code created within, it counts as AUDITED.

DELOT token is also audited by solidproof.io

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